AFMOLPhA’2022 Program

Tuesday 14-06

8h30 – 12h00


9h00 – 9h30

Opening Ceremony

Prof. Azzeddine EL MIDAOUI, President of Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco

Prof. Hassane ERGUIG, Director of the Superior School of Technology, Ibn-Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco

Prof. Mohammed EBN TOUHAMI, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco

His Excellency Krzysztof KARWOWSKI, Ambassador of Poland in Morocco

9h30 – 10h00

Chairs:  Prof. Bouchta SAHRAOUI, Dr. Tarek CHTOUKI, Prof. Khalid NOUNEH

Plenary Speaker

9h30. Tuesday                                                                     Organic widely real-time tunable lasing

Prof. Jaroslaw MYSLIWIEC (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland)

10h00 – 10h30

Coffee Break

10h30 – 11h00

Plenary Speaker

10h30. Tuesday                                 Optical effects in thin films of hybrid organic-inorganic halide perovskites

Prof. Anna ZAWADZKA (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland)

11h00– 12h20

Tuesday                                                                                                                     Invited Speakers

11h00-11h20: Prof. Aurelian Catalin GALCA, P-type emerging materials for photovoltaics: facts and artifacts in optical and structural characterization (Romania)

11h20-11h40: Prof.Konstanty MARSZALEK, Cr+ implanted copper oxide absorber thin films for photovoltaics (Poland)


11h40-12h00: Dr. Serap YIĞIT GEZGIN, Modelling of plasmonic CZTS/Si heterojunction solar cell (Turkey)    


12h00-12h20: Dr. Karim BOUCHOUIT, DFT analysis and third-harmonic generation properties of one series of electronic push-pull organics compounds (Algeria)

12h20 – 14h00



Chairs: Prof. Jaroslaw MYSLIWIEC & Prof. Mohamed EL HASNAOUI

14h00 – 15h40

Tuesday                                                                                                                    Invited Speakers

14h-14h20: Prof. Liu LIWEI, Label-free Multimodal Microscopic Imaging Technology (China)

14h20-14h40: Dr. Annamaria PANNIELLO, Fluorescent Carbon Dots: Emerging Materials towards Optoelectronic Applications (Italy)

14h40-15h00: Prof. Khalid NOUNEH, Environmental friendly thin films and nanoparticles deposited by soft chemistry synthesis for energy and environment (Morocco)               


15h00-15h20: Prof. Jacek ZAKRZEWSKI, Photothermal Determination of the Surface Treatment of II-VI Mixed Crystals (Poland)     


15h20-15h40: Prof. Mohssin ZEKRITI, Waveguide-Coupled Long-Range Surface Plasmon Optical Sensors for Accurate Diagnosis of Breast Cancer (Morocco)       

15h40 – 16h10

Coffee Break & Poster Session

16h10 – 17h50

Oral presentations

Session 1: Photovoltaics

Chairs:   Prof. Khalid NOUNEH & Prof. Anna ZAWADZKA  

Session 2: Nonlinear optics & Laser

Chairs: Dr. Tarek CHTOUKI & Prof.  Konstanty MARSZALEK

16h10-16h20: Dr. I. Chabri. CsSnI3-based perovskite solar cell: Numerical analysis of inverted- structure with 24.18% efficiency (Morocco)

16h10-16h20: Prof. Z. Ramzi.  Synthesis, thermal and optical properties of amorphous phases in Bi2O3–SrO–P2O5 system (Morocco)

16h20-16h30: Mr. J. Mhalla.  Contribution of magnons created in volume and within the surface in low-dimensional dilute magnetic semiconductor: eTBA Calculation for Sn1-xCoxO2 (Morocco)

16h20-16h30: Prof. K. Bahedi. Morphology Effect on Linear Optical and Nonlinear Optical Properties predicted by Spectroscopic Study of Sprayed ZnO: W Thin Films (Morocco)

16h30-16h40: Mr. A.I. N’Guessan. Copper Indium Sulfur (CIS) and quaternary chalcopyrite Copper Indium Gallium Sulfur (CIGS) deposited by the spray pyrolysis technique (Spain)

16h30-16h40: Mrs. I. El Fengouchi. Study of structural and optical properties of a novel pentafunctional epoxy resin reinforced with graphite and multiwalled carbon nanotube (Morocco)

16h40-16h50: Dr. A. Soussi.  Both optical and electronic characteristics of anatase TiO2 thin films: A DFT and sol-gel studies (Morocco)

16h40-16h50: Mrs. S. Chib.  Diffraction of doughnut beams by a helical axicon (Morocco)

16h50-17h00:  Mrs. R. El Amri.  Growth and Characterization of α Fe2O3 thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering (Morocco)

16h50-17h00:  Dr. K. Lakaal. Rashba Spin-Orbit Interaction and Size Effects on the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Si0.7Ge0.3/Si Quantum Dots (Morocco)

17h00-17h10: Mr. B. Lamuadi. Estimation of Solder Layer Degradation of an Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Power Module (Morocco)

17h00-17h10:  Dr. M. Lougdali. Absorbance and Photoluminescence properties of Niq2 Thin film for OLED application (Morocco)

17h20-17h30: Dr. N. Mhiri. Integration of New Analog Maximum Power Point Tracking Circuit of Photovoltaic Panels (Tunisia)

17h10-17h20: Dr. A. Farchakh. Analytical study of the magnetic behavior of a triangular single-walled nanotube with mixed spins (½, 1) (Morocco)

17h10-17h20: Mr. H. Najih. Effect of the Bromine doping on the structural and optical properties of CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite thin films via spin coating deposition (Morocco)

17h20-17h30:  Dr. A. Ait Hssi:  Synthesis and characterization of heterostructures: p-Cu2O/n-ZnO-NRs/FTO by two-step electrochemical deposition technique (Morocco)

17h30-17h40: Mrs. R. Anoua:  Experimental and theoretical (DFT method) investigations of the natural dye extracted from Curcuma for dye-sensitized solar cells application (Poland)

17h30-17h40: Mr. K. Fathi. Design, Modeling, and Realization of New Efficient SILAR Equipment (Morocco)


17h40-17h50: Mr. Y. Charif-Alaoui. Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties in metallic antiperovskite compound Mn3InC (Morocco)

17h40-17h50: Dr. R. Atir. Carbazole-Based Hole-Transport Materials for Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells. A Computational Study- come back HTMs, thanks to improving solubility (Morocco)

Wednesday 15-06

dg Chairs: Prof. Hamdi ŞÜKÜR KILIÇ & Prof.  Aurelian Catalin GALCA

9h00 – 10h00

Plenary Speakers

9h00. Wednesday             Some selected advanced functional materials for nonlinear optics and nanophothonics applications

Prof. Bouchta SAHRAOUI (University of Angers, France)

9h30. Wednesday                                            Thiophene based molecular materials for nonlinear optics

Dr. Abdelkrim EL-GHAYOURY (University of Angers, France)

10h00 – 11h35

Wednesday                                                                                                             Invited Speakers

10h00–10h20: Dr. Tarek CHTOUKI, Influence of the Excitation Wavelength on Tunability of Random and Distributed Feedback Lasing (Morocco)                       

10h20–10h40: Dr. Dominique GUICHAOUA, Phase-Matched Magnetization-Induced Second-Harmonic Generation in Epitaxial Iron Garnet Thin Films         (France)

10h40–11h00: Dr. Ikhwan Syafiq MOHD NOOR, Preparation and characterization of gel polymer electrolyte for perovskite solar cell (Malaysia)


11h00–11h20 Dr. Karol STRZAŁKOWSKI,     Photopyroelectric calorimetry in thermal characterization of solids samples, theoretical and practical aspects (Poland)

11h20 – 11h50

Coffee Break

11h50 – 13h00

Oral presentations

Session 1: Photovoltaics

Chairs: Dr. Yesemin GÜNDOĞDU & Prof. Khalid NOUNEH

Session 2: Nonlinear optics & Laser

Chairs: Prof. Mohssin ZEKRITI & Dr. Tarek CHTOUKI

11h50-12h00: Dr. Y.  Salhi. Elaboration of CZTS films via CZT precursor layer electrodeposition followed by Mist-CVD sulfurisation (Morocco)

11h50-12h00: Mrs. N. El Biyari. 3D Printing of Optical Micro-Lenses via Stereolithography for Laser Beam Collimating and Focusing (Morocco)

12h00-12h10: Prof. A. Rmili. Synthesis and characterization of Fe-doped CdS thin layers deposited via the sol gel method by spin coating for solar cells applications (Morocco)

12h00-12h10: Mr. A. Jouamaa. Composites based on PMMA and spherical or rod-shaped TiO2 nanocrystals: optical and structural investigation (Morocco)


12h10-12h20: Mr. M. Boutamart. Self-cleaning glass based on superhydrophobic coating for photovoltaic application (Morocco)

12h10-12h20: Mr. A. Ahmidi. Angular spectrum decomposition method for evaluating the beam shape coefficients of the pseudo-nondiffracting beams: A comparison with the localized approximation method (Morocco)


12h20-12h30: Dr. J. El Hamdaoui. Ab initio study of structural, electronic and optical properties of GeSnS2 (Morocco)

12h20-12h30: Dr. S. Bayoud. Enhanced visible emission of Lithium doped ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis (Morocco)


12h30-12h40: Mr. L. Moulaoui. Numerical simulation of FaPbL3 perovskite based solar cells with graphene oxide as hole transport layer using SCAPS-1D (Morocco)

12h30-12h40: Dr. E. El Halba. Focus shaping of cylindrically polarized generalized Spiraling Beams by a linear axicon (Morocco)


12h40-12h50: Mrs. I. Driouch. Precipitation synthesis of Zn doped MnWO4 for energy storage application (Morocco)

12h40-12h50: Dr. A. Tarbi. Optimization of the absorption of the III-V distorted quaternary (Morocco)

13h00 – 14h00



Chairs: Dr. Karol STRZAŁKOWSKI & Dr. Abdelkrim EL-GHAYOURY

14h00 – 16h00

Invited Speakers

14h-14h20:  Dr. Said TABOUKHAT, Control of NLO properties of selected Organometallic Complexes due to functionalization by different transition metals (France)

14h20-14h40: Prof. Mohamed   EL HASNAOUI, Improvement of dielectric properties and thermal characterizations of innovative composite: Experimental and modeling (Morocco)

14h40-15h00: Prof. George A. STANCIU, Superresolution imaging by using far field and near field label free microscopy techniques,Romania

15h00-15h20: Dr. Przemysław PŁÓCIENNIK, Examples of the construction of solar cells and techniques for measuring their basic parameters (Poland)                          


15h20-15h40: Dr. Sidiki ZONGO, State of nanotechnology research in sub-Saharan countries: opportunities and challenges (Burkina Faso)

15h40 – 16h30

Coffee Break & Poster Session

16h40 – 17h40

Oral presentations

Session 1: Photovoltaics

Chairs : Prof. Khalid NOUNEH & Dr. Serap YIĞIT GEZGIN

Session 2: Nonlinear optics & Laser

Chairs : Dr. Tarek CHTOUKI & Dr. Dominique GUICHAOUA

16h40–16h50: Mr. A. Ouhammou. Indirect-to-Direct Band Gap Transition of Cs2Na1-xInxBiF6 for photovoltaic application (Morocco)

16h40–16h50: Mr. B. El Mechate. Generation of parabolic-like beams (Morocco)

16h50–17h00: Mrs. S. Lidaighbi. A new hybrid method to estimate the single-diode model parameters of solar photovoltaic panel (Morocco)

16h50–17h00: Dr. K. Bria. Angular distribution of sputtered Inconel 718 alloys: Simulation Study (Morocco)


17h00–17h10: Dr. L. Boulkaddat. Elaboration and characterization of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films for low-cost solar cells (Morocco)

17h00–17h10: Prof. M. Zekriti. Waveguide-Coupled Long-Range Surface Plasmon Optical Sensors for Accurate Diagnosis of Breast Cancer (Morocco)


17h10-17h20: Mr. K. Kone. Surface engineering of Zinc Oxide thin as an electron transport layer for perovskite solar cells (Spain)

17h10-17h20: Dr. M. Soumane. Design and Characterization of One-Dimensional SnO2 using Forcespinning technique for optoelectronic application (Morocco)


17h20-17h30: Msc. M. Bounbaa. First principales study of molybdenum dichalcogenides monolayers for lithium-ion batteries applications (Morocco)

17h20-17h30: Dr. V. Ovdenko. The substituent effect on laser beam self-action and elastic light scattering manifestation in thin films of azo-azomethine PMMA composites (Ukraine)


17h30-17h40: Dr. M. Bouachri. Effect of cycle numbers on optical properties of nanostructured Bi2S3 thin films deposited using SILAR Method for Solar Cells light harvesting (Morocco)

17h30-17h40: Dr. P. Forouzandeh. MXenes based nanocomposites for supercapacitor-based energy storage devices (Ireland)

20h00 – 22h00

Gala Dinner

Thursday 16-06

Chairs: Prof. Mohamed EL HASNAOUI & Prof. Youssef EL KOUARI

9h00 – 10h00

Plenary Speakers

9h00. Production and Optical Characterization of Indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) Thin Film with Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) Method

Prof. Hamdi Şükür KILIÇ (University of Selçuk, Konya, Turkey)


9h30.                   Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for Food Quality and Authenticity Applications

Prof. Stelios COURIS (Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences (ICE-HT), FORTH-Hellas, Patras, Greece)

10h00 – 10h15

Coffee Break


Chairs: Prof. Anna ZAWADZKA & Dr. Przemysław PŁÓCENNIK

10h15– 12h00

Invited Speakers

10h15– 10h35: Dr. Sahaya DENNISH BABU, Metal Halide Perovskite Nanomaterials for Advanced Optoelectronic Applications (India)

10h35–10h55: Dr. Yesemin GÜNDOĞDU, Investigation and Interpretation of Nonlinear Optical Properties of Cu2SnS3 (CTS) Thin films Synthesized by Using Pulsed Laser Deposition Technique (Turkey)                      

10h55–11h15: Dr. Mohammed MAKHA, Thin Film Solar Cell Technologies: Exploring New Materials and Manufacturing Processes to Improve Performance (Morocco)                     


11h15–11h35: Dr. Amal BOUICH, Opportunities and Challenges of Halide Perovskites for high efficiency and stable solar cells (Spain)


11h35– 11h55: Prof. Abdelhafed TALEB, Optical properties of metallic nanoparticles and their potential to improve solar energy conversion (France)

12h00 – 13h20

Oral Lectures

Session 1: Photovoltaics

Chairs: Dr. Amal BOUICH & Dr. Mohammed MAKHA

Session 2: Nonlinear optics & Laser

Chairs: Dr. Tarek CHTOUKI & Dr. Said TABOUKHAT

12h00–12h10: Mr. A. Idrissi. Designing new thiophene-based hole transporting materials for perovskite solar cells (Morocco)

12h00–12h10: Dr.  M. Bensada.  Numerical modelling of Nd-YAG laser melting process of X30Cr13 stainless steel (Morocco)

12h10–12h20: Mr. Z. El Fakir. The effect of the π-bridge in Carbazole-based HTMs for Perovskite Solar Cells (Morocco)

12h10–12h20: Mr. P.S.B. Macheso. Reviewing the Role of Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensors in Smart Factories (Morocco

12h20–12h30: Mr. S. Drissi. Synthesis and characterization of the new Cu2Fe1-xCoxSnS4 thin films for solar cells (Morocco)

12h20–12h33: Dr. Douhi. Improvement of ultra-wideband (UWB) All-Textile Antenna performance using Metamaterial for radiofrequency (RF) energy harvesting: SAR reduction and gain enhancement (Morocco)

12h30–12h40: Mrs. A. Dloo. Effect of buffer layer thickness on the growth of ZnO nanowires array toward photovoltaic application (Morocco)

12h30–12h40: Dr. M.Y. Zaki. Sequential magnetron sputtering approach for the synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 films (Morocco)

12h40-12h50: Mr. Y. Doumbia. Boosting the stability and growth of Methylammonium Lead Bromide through FA dopant for solar cells (Spain)

12h40-12h50: Dr. M. Tair. Hydrogen storage technology (Morocco)

12h50-13h00: Mr. A. El Rharib. The study of electronic and optical properties of double perovskite Rb2AgBiBr6 using first-principle (Morocco)

12h50-13h00: Dr. S. Dahbi. Chalcogens’ impurities and a single F-center in SHO: Ab initio calculations (Morocco)

13h00-13h10: Mr. O. Jhabli. Modified lead current collector by electrochemical graphene oxide reduction for lead-carbon battery (Morocco)

13h00-13h10: Dr. M. Boumzough. Structural, Electronic, Optical and Thermoelectric Properties of Molybdenum Dichalcogenides Monolayers MoX2 (X=S,Se,Te) for optoelectronic application (Morocco)

13h10-13h20: Dr. H. Saadi. Elaboration of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanopowders for a photovoltaic application (Morocco)


13h20 – 13h50

Closing Ceremony

13h50 – 14h50





Poster Session 1_Tuesday 14 June 2022                       Poster Session 2_WEDNESDAY 15 June 2022

From P-1 to P-20                                                                               From P-21 to P-41

P1_H. Nabil, A. Balhamri, A. Belafhal. Evolution properties of Some Laser Beams propagating in Jet Engine Exhaust.

P2_ H. Nassiri, I. Driouch, M.Y. Messous, R. El Bouayadi. Precipitation synthesis of Cr doped TiO2 for dye-sensitized solar cell application

P3_ Y. Benhouria, M. Kibbou, A. Oubelkacem, I. Essaoudi, A. Ainane. Anti-perovskite Mn3PdN: Potential candidates for an application in magnetic refrigeration

P4_O. Aitmellal, L. Oufni, M.Y. Messous, M.M. Trandafir, S. Neatu, M. Florea, M. Secu, F. Neatu. Structural, optical, and photoluminescence investigations of CeO2:Mn3O4 :(0.5%Tb2O3-3.5%La2O3-Al2O3) phosphor for solar cell application

P5_Abdellatif El-Habib, Abdesamad Aouni, Mustapha Diani, Khalid Nouneh, Jamal Zimou, Mohammed Addou. Investigation of physical and electrochemical properties of Gd doped CeO2 nanocrystalline thin films

P6_I. EL Ouedghiri-Idrissi, A. Zawadzka, Z. Sofiani. Investigations of photophysical properties of organic material 2,3-Triphenyl-1H-Imidazole

P7_ M.Y. Messous, I. Driouch, O. Aitmellal, H. Nassiri, Z. Sadoune. Influence of Ytterbium-doping on the Structural properties of LaMnO3 perovskite oxide nanoparticles

P8_Zakaria Barbouch, Nadia Elharfaoui, Jamal Zimou, Abdellatif El-Habib, Mustapha Beraich, Khalid Nouneh, Mounir Fahoume. Synthesis, structural and optical characteristics of Zn-doped Co3O4 layers deposited by spray pyrolysis

P9_M. Beraich. Experimental and DFT study of new kesterite Cu2NiGeS4 thin film synthesized via spray ultrasonic technic

P10_K. Fri, A. Laazizi, M. El Jai, I. Akhrif, M. Bensada. The influence of laser power and speed on SLM additive manufacturing

P11_ Ilyass Jellal, Othmane Daoudi, Khalid Nouneh, Mounir Fahoume, Jamal Naja. Low-temperature growth of highly crystalline ZnO thin films by mist chemical vapor deposition technique

P12_M. A. Hachimi, T. Chtouki, H. Erguig. Review of structural, morphological, linear, and nonlinear opti-cal properties of SnO2 thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis technique

P13_L. Nkhaili, A. El Kissani, A. Narjis, M. Bousata, A. Outzourhit, S. Elmassi, H. Amiri, K. El Assali. Growth and mechanism of CTS films by RF-sputtering

P14_A. Laouid, A. Alaoui Belghiti, K. Wisniewski, A. Hajjaji, Przemysław Płóciennik, Janusz Strzelecki, Anna Zawadzka. Structural and optical properties of ZnS thin films prepared by the physical vapor deposition.

P15_A. Abouais, A. Alaoui Belghiti, K. Strzalkowski, A. Hajjaji. Photopyroelectric PPE Method

P16_Z. El-Ansary, E. Petronijevic, A. Belardini, T. Cesca, C. Scian, G. Mattei, C. Sibilia, M. El Hasnaoui. Experimental characterization of chiro-optical properties and origin of circular dichroism in 2D Arrays of Nanoholes in Silver

P17_A. El Haimeur, M. El Ghayyaty, P. Fernández Sánchez, K. Nouneh, H. Bakkali, E. Blanco, M. Dominguez. Optoelectronic properties of TiO2/ZnO and TiO2/Ni-doped ZnO thin films

P18_M. Karam, A. Fahmi, A. Qachaou. Effect on the magnetic properties created in a thin film superlattice based on a Ge1xFex/Ge magnetic semiconductor

P19_S. Khalid, N. Dkhireche, M. Galai, R. Belakhmima. Study of the effect of some derivatives of Quinoline Hydrochloride on the corrosion of brass in 3% NaCl medium

P20_Y. Selmani, H. Labrim, D. Zejli, R. El bouaydi, L. Bahmad. Band-gap engineering in CaZrO3-xSx (x=0, 1, 2 and 3) simple perovskites for photovoltaic applications

P21_B. Daoudi, K. Nouneh, A. talbi, I. el bakkali, A. Rmili, O. drissi, S. Mtougui. Synthesis and characterization of CuS thin film deposited by SILAR

P22_M. El-Mrabet, T. Chtouki, A. El Halouani, H. Erguig. A critical review on the power conversion efficiency (PCE) of solar cells perovskite prepared by cation based methylammonium (MA), formamidinium (FA) and mixture of methylammonium/formamidinium (MA/FA).

P23_S. Benkhirat, K. Nouneh, G. Plantard. Development of macroporous geopolymer foams functionalized by a photocatalyst.

P24_Safia Dassallem, Nouneh Khalid, Abdelhafed Taleb. Design and realization of electrodes modified by hierarchical nanostructures for the detection of environmental pollutants

P25_A. Lemnawar, K. Nouneh, H. Labrim, R. El Bouayadi, S. Ziti, Y. Benhouria, N. El Harfaoui, A. Talbi. Magneto-optic properties of the perovskite SmFeO3

P26_M. Lougdali, Y. El kouari, R. Anoua, M. Zazoui, A. Zawadzka, Y. Abboud, P. Płóciennik, K. Waszkowska, B. Sahraoui. Linear and Non Linear Optical properties of Niq2 Thin film

P27_R. Anoua, S. Touhtouh, M. El Jouad, A. Hajjaji, M. Bakasse, B. Sahraoui, P. Płóciennik, Anna Zawadzka. Absorbance, photoluminescence and electronic properties of Curcuma for dye-sensitized solar cells

P28_O. Drissi, K. Nouneh, N. El Harfaoui, R. Hsissou, B. Daoudi, M. Azogagh. Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using aqueous pulp extract of Argania spinosa (L). Skeels

P29_A. Abouais, A. Alaoui Belghiti, K. Strzalkowski, A. Hajjaji. Crystal growth of semiconductor materials

P30_M. Oubakalla, M. Taibi, A. Zarrouk, M. Fahoume. The impact of copper concentration on the Cu2CoSnS4 thin films properties co-electrodeposited on the FTO substrate

P31_O. Daoudi, I. Jellal, M. Lharch, K. Nouneh, M. Fahoume. Comparative Study of Zn, Ni and Al doped CuO thin films deposited by SILAR method: Structural, morphological and optical properties

P32_S. Derbali, N. Bouri, M. Florea, L. N. Leonat, V. Stancu, A. Tomulescu, A. C. Galca, M. Secu, L. Pintilie, M. Ebn Touhami, K. Nouneh. Potassium-containing triple-cation perovskite solar cells

P33_J. Zimou, Y. Khaaissa, K. Nouneh, L. El Gana, Z. Barbouch, A. El-Habib, M. Addou. Experimental and numerical study of Ce1-xFexO2 thin films for photovoltaic applications

P34_M. Hanine, J. Hemine, A. Daoudi. Dielectric spectroscopy of polymer stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal

P35_M. El-Mrabet, T. Chtouki and H. Erguig. Review of third-order nonlinear optical response in pure and doped nickel oxide materials (NiO): experimental and theoretical aspects

P36_I. El Housni, S. Mtougui, N. El Mekkaoui, R. Khalladi, S. Idrissi, S. Ziti, H. Labrim, L. Bahmad. Magnetic properties of the nano brownmillerite KBiFe2O5: Monte Carlo simulations

P37_R. El Otmani, A. El Manouni, A. Almaggoussi. Numerical Simulation of CZTSe Based Solar Cells Using Different Back Surface Field Layers: Improvement and Comparison

P38_F. Mansouri, A. Talbi, Y. Khaaissa, K. Nouneh. Effect of Al doping rate on physical properties of ZnS thin films prepared by Mist CVD technique

P39_L. Znaidi, K. Nouneh, M. Fahoume. Characterization and photocatalytic properties of CuO thin films prepared by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction method (SILAR)

P40_F. Khalid, B. Faiçal, F. Mounir. Elaboration and characterization of thin layers of MgAl2O4 prepared by electrodeposition at fixed applied potential.

P41_ S. Abed, H. Djaaboube, K. Waszkowska, K. Bouchouit, R. Aouati, A. Bouabellou. The effect of Zn doping on the optical and nonlinear optical properties of MgO thin films deposited by dip coating technique