Doctor Karol Strzałkowski

Prof. Karol Strzałkowski, from the beginning of his career, works at the Institute of Physics, NCU. His main research interests are II-VI mixed crystals, crystal growth techniques, photothermal investigation of solids and liquids, photoluminescence, excitation, and absorption spectroscopy. Prof. Strzałkowski possesses several years of laboratory experience and is familiar with spectroscopy equipment (spectrometers, light sources, photodetectors), acquiring and analyzing experimental data, writing reports, and presenting results. He is experienced in the growing of II-VI mixed compounds with the high-pressure Bridgman method. He is an author of more than 60 articles published in well-reputed journals and is active in peer-review. Also, he was presenting the results at several international conferences. Prof. Strzałkowski cooperates with many scientists worldwide, i.e., France, Romania, Taiwan, and Morocco. In his free time, his hobby is computers, books, and music.