Doctor Annamaria PANNIELLO

Annamaria PANNIELLO received her Ph.D. in Molecular and Chemical Sciences, with a curriculum in Chemistry of Innovative Materials, in 2010 at the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”. Since December 2018 she has a permanent staff position as Researcher (III level) at the Institute for Chemical-Physical Processes IPCF of the National Research Council, CNR in Bari. Her research activity is aimed at the design, synthesis and functionalization of nanostructured materials, including semiconductor, oxide, metal, carbon-based nanoparticles and heterostructures, through colloidal chemistry routes, and their processing in host matrices (polymers, photo-epoxy resist, ionic liquids, polymeric ionic liquids, sol-gel matrices) for the preparation of nanocomposite materials towards optoelectronic, photonic and energy conversion applications. Recently, her research activity is focusing on the preparation and the characterization of Carbon Dots, by using different bottom-up methods (solvothermal in open vessels and autoclave reactors, thermal decomposition of carbon precursors in the presence of passivating molecules and high boiling point solvent), to obtain a set of CDs with different physicochemical properties to be exploited in optoelectronics (LEDs, laser) and biomedical field (drug delivery and bioimaging). She is actively involved in participation invarious scientificprojects, financed by Italian and European grants. She is co-author of 40 scientific articles (H-index 14; 575 citations), including 35 JCR articles, 3chapters in books. She is also co-author of numerous contributions for international conferences.