Dr Dominique Guichaoua

Dominique Guichaoua is a PhD engineer in scientific instrumentation and experimental techniques at the University of Angers in the research laboratories MOLTECH-Anjou UMR CNRS 6200 and LPHiA laboratories. He obtained his CNAM engineering degree in 2001 after a year of internship at LISA laboratory. In 2018, he obtained his PhD thesis in Physics prepared within the doctoral school Matières Molécules Matériaux of the University of Angers. He particularly worked on the modulation of nonlinear optical properties of conjugated photoactive polymers as well as coordination complexes based on "iminopyridine azonbenzene" ligand. He already published 19 publications in referred ISI journals. He is involved in many projects (PHC Polonium, PHC Toubkal, PHC BOSPHORE and in large the European project IMAGE. In the framework of the European project IMAGE, he also worked on the characterization of nonlinear optical properties of crystals by second and third harmonic generation and Z-scan methods. He has also worked in numerical simulation, in particular on the GAUSSIAN software and also in molecular dynamics. He is very active in the development and implementation of parallel computational tools for the laboratories MOLTECH-Anjou and LPHiA. He has already presented orals and posters contributions in several international conferences and invited seminars (Poland, Italy, Ukraine and Morocco) and has been on the organizing committee of five national and international conferences. He has supervised more than ten master students and more than twenty trainees.