Said TABOUKHAT is actually Dr Lecturer of Physics at POLYTECH-Angers, and researcher at the Institute of Sciences and Molecular Technologies of Angers MOLTECH Anjou - UMR CNRS 6200, University of Angers since 2019. From the 01 September 2019 to 31 December 2019, he was Post-Doc as part of the BOOSTE TON DOC program, launched by the France Embassy in Morocco, via its Higher Education and Research Cluster, at the MOLTECH-Anjou laboratory, University of Angers, France. In 2018, he obtained his Ph.D (under cotutelle system) from the University of Angers in France and the Hassan II University in Morocco, in the field of Materials Sciences as part of Morocco-French PROJECT COOPERATION (AAP Recherche 2015 CEDoc). During his Ph.D. studies, his research activity was focused on the study of the nonlinear optical properties of highly conjugated organic and organometallic complexes for application in optoelectronic devices. He was interested in the determination of the second and third order Nonlinear Optical (NLO) properties using the Second, Third Harmonic Generation (SHG and THG) and the Z-scan techniques of organic and organometallic compounds by several functions within the same material, in order to access to a multifunctional material. He already published 16 publications in indexed journals (see web of science) and his H-Index = 9. He presented oral and poster communications in several international conferences and several seminars in Poland. He also co-organized three international conferences (Marrakech (ICFPAM2015), Agadir (AMPSECA2017) and Angers (ICTON2019)).