Dr. Sidiki ZONGO

 Dr Sidiki ZONGO graduated from The university of Ouagadougou (currently Université Joseph KI-ZERBO) in Burkina Faso in 2010 with a BSc & Hon. of Physics. In August 2010 He moved to Cape Town in South Africa where he completed his Post-Graduate diplomat at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in June 2011, and obtained a MSc degree in Physics from the University of the Western Cape in March 2013. After receiving Ph.D (under the Supervision of Pr. B. SAHRAOUI/university of Angers and Prof. M. MAAZA ) in Physics in June 2017 from the University of South Africa (UNISA) in Pretoria, Dr Sidiki returned back in Burkina Faso where he joined since November 2017 the Department of Physics at Université Joseph KI-ZERBO as a lecturer/researcher.

His currently research interests include NLO, materials and nanomaterials for photonics applications. Dr ZONGO authored and co-authored a number of peer-review publications. He has attended numerous meetings and conferences including Nobel Laureates Meeting in Germany. He received seral grants that included the AGNES Junior Research Grant. Dr S. ZONG is an active member of NanoAfnet and the West African Society of Physics.