Prof. Jacek Zakrzewski

Prof. Jacek Zakrzewski has worked throughout his professional life with the Nicolaus Copernicus University, Institute of Physics in Toruń, Poland. He is an author of 63 scientific articles, he presented his scientific research at 40 conferences. Prof. Zakrzewski collaborates with research centers in France, Serbia, Ukraine, and Italy.

His main research interests are II-VI mixed crystals, their growth, and characterization. In his experiments, he concentrated on photothermal methods of the optical and thermal properties characterization - mainly piezoelectric spectroscopy, but also photoacoustic and pyroelectric ones.

Prof. Zakrzewski deals not only with experimental physics, he cooperates with the Koszalin University of Technology in Poland in order to prepare mathematical models for the interpretation of the obtained experimental data.

In 2007, during and after his postdoctoral stay at the University of Maine, France, he started the investigations of the characterization of surface defects with nonlinear acoustics and photoacoustics.

His current interest are the investigations of the influence of the surface preparation on the character of the amplitude and phase photothermal spectra as the proper method of surface treatment of the material is essential for the quality of the semiconductor-based devices.