Dr. Przemysław PŁÓCIENNIK

 Doctor Przemysław PŁÓCIENNIK was born in Toruń. He received an M.Sc. degree in Physics, specialization in Microelectronics from the Nicolaus Copernicus University (Toruń, Poland) in 1995 and obtained her PhD degree in Physical Sciences, specialization in Atomic and Molecular Physics in 2001. His Ph.D. thesis concerned the Ions and photons counting systems with external synchronization source and its applications for the time-resolved spectroscopy. During his Ph.D. research, he joined the group of Physical Bases of Microelectronics at the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Informatics at the University of Toruń.

Doctor Przemysław PŁÓCIENNIK is a scientist specializing in vacuum techniques, materials engineering, in particular, the fabrication of thin films and nanostructures and the study of their properties in the processes of interaction with external radiation. He has experience in the fabrication of multilayer structures for applications in micro-, optoelectronics and photovoltaics as well as diagnostics and investigations of electrical properties these structures.

He has published over 80 articles in international scientific journals. He has more than 700 citations and his H-index is currently equal to 14.